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Shoot In China: Your Shanghai Fixer for Film Excellence

Welcome to Shoot In China, your trusted partner for over a decade in the world of video production and comprehensive filming support. Since 2012, we’ve been dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our clients, and our home base in Shanghai is where the journey began. Shanghai Fixer.

Shanghai Fixer

A Decade of Dedication

For more than ten years, we’ve been providing our expertise in video production and production support to clients across China. Our bilingual English-Chinese team is your ideal companion, ensuring every step of your production is smooth and successful.

Empowering Diverse Clients

Our impressive portfolio includes collaborations with Fortune 500 companies, influential media organizations, sports events, and renowned international brands. We boast an experienced English production team, always poised and ready to support your upcoming projects.

“Shanghai Fixer Services: Elevate Your Production”

Shanghai, a city of limitless creative opportunities, is the ideal place to bring your film ideas to life.

Dedicated Fixer Services in Shanghai

Our specialized Shanghai fixer services ensure that your production runs without a hitch. Whether you’re embarking on a commercial video project, corporate video production, or a documentary, our expert fixers excel in locating captivating interviewees and picturesque filming locations.

Why Choose a Shanghai Fixer?

To guarantee a seamless service production in Shanghai, Shoot In China is your reliable partner. Our fixers are seasoned professionals, experts in delivering top-tier services for your commercial, documentary, or corporate video production. Their extensive experience and in-depth local knowledge ensure you have a reliable partner guiding you through the bustling streets of Shanghai.

Streamlined Solutions with Our Fixers

Our fixers simplify your production journey by assisting you in selecting the perfect filming locations that align with your project’s vision. They efficiently manage transportation, accommodation, and other logistical requirements for your crew. If you require additional equipment, our local Shanghai fixer will direct you to nearby filming equipment shops offering competitive prices.

Exploring Beyond Shanghai

While Shanghai is a dynamic hub of creativity, it’s only one facet of the diverse Chinese locations we cover. Whether you’re ready to start your production journey in Shanghai or want to explore the hidden gems of other Chinese cities, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email. Our team is committed to ensuring your production is a seamless, successful endeavor. Choose Shoot In China as your partner in crafting excellence across the stunning landscapes of China.