Shanghai Bilingual Line Producer


Shanghai Bilingual Line Producer
China Line Producer,China Bilingual Line Producer
Shanghai Line Producer?SIC is a professional video production corporation based in China. SIC provide the full collection of film production services related to communication needs regarding business and industry including: corporate film, manufacturing plants; events, openings, press seminars, official visits, either throughout studio or on-site;

A number of our clients are worldwide feature film and television manufacturing companies or producers. We provide comprehensive, turn-key production and placement help support and help out-of-town in addition to worldwide producers and generation companies to prepare and set upward their shoot. We work in Shanghai and Beijing, up and down the south of China and all over China.


In China, the production procedure could be challenging, especially for the location the required permits and visa, quite often it is very simple and straight forward about the money, from time to time you need to cordinate with all the regional government&law enforcement department, all of our location fixer & companies know how to and have years of experience of the approval work, ensure that things get delivered promptly.Shanghai Line Producer


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