Shooting in China Film Camera Customs clearance Solution

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Shooting in China Film Camera Customs clearance?China Film Camera Customs clearance Solution?China Film Equipment Customs clearance Solution? We have years of experience in helping film crews in China,whether it’s airport customs or production services,we provide expert production companies to our clients.

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Customs clearance can be a nightmire
If you find us you will know it’s very tricky if you never done this before, bringing gears to China can be complicated, as the custom might stop you and keep all your gear,it can break your schedule sometimes if you are running a tight schedule in China.
Here we are, helping you settle the problem before you arrive and company you finish the process without much hustle,shoot in china has years of experience in helping clients with their project in China.

Shooting in China Film Equipment Customs clearance
Shoot In China is a China Production Support company offering film services from pre to post production including creative, producer, director, DP, crew, equipment, audio, studio, filming, aerial photography and videography, Stedicam, editing, motion graphics, animation, and much more!

If you don’t want to bring gear to China, you can hire film gear from us
Without client’s arrival, we can help our clients pre-check the equipment upon the request, so our clients don’t need to switch the Chinese menu on set, and make sure all the batteries are charged fully, the lens are all crystal clear without the damage, and overall packaging from our equipment assistant, we make sure all the equipment are well prepared in the box, or carry box so our clients can pick them up, and be ready for the shooting.

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Shooting in China Permit, Filming in China Permission

Our clients generally meet a lot of problems when they shooting in China without the permit, we help our clients to source the right access for client’s work, whether if it’s documentary, a commercial shoot, or a feature film, we will help our clients through the whole process, so they don’t have to spend the endless paper work, and research.

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