China Filming Insights

A Guide for Filmmakers and Production Companies

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At Shoot In China, we take pride in our 10+ years of experience in video production and filming/production support across China. Since 2012, our bilingual English-Chinese team has been guiding and helping hundreds of clients through each step of their productions.

Unlocking the Essence of Chinese Video Content

Our expertise goes beyond ordinary filming and production. As a leading content research fixer in China, we understand the importance of crafting compelling stories that captivate audiences. Whether it’s a documentary, commercial, or feature film, we dive deep into Chinese culture and society to unveil narratives that resonate globally.

Seamless Production Support and Services

From pre-production to post-production, our production support ensures a smooth and efficient workflow. Our skilled crew, including cameramen, camera operators, and producers, bring creativity and precision to every project, ensuring a seamless execution.

Bilingual Fixer – Bridging Cultures

Navigating China’s diverse landscape can be challenging, but our bilingual fixers bridge the gap. Their cultural insights and language proficiency make communication effortless, helping you establish connections and build relationships.

Coverage Across Major Chinese Cities

While our base is in Shanghai, our reach extends to other major Chinese cities. Whether you’re shooting in bustling Beijing, the historical marvel of Xi’an, or the vibrant energy of Guangzhou, Shoot In China provides full coverage, making your production journey seamless.

Embracing the World of Documentaries

As a content research fixer for documentaries, we are passionate about shedding light on captivating stories. Our collaborations with media organizations and production companies have brought to life impactful documentaries that inspire and inform.

Crafting Commercials with a Global Appeal

Fortune 500 companies and international brands rely on our expertise in crafting commercials that transcend borders. Our bilingual production team understands the nuances of delivering messages that resonate with diverse audiences.

A Helping Hand in Feature Films

Bringing feature films to life requires a comprehensive approach. From location scouting to casting, our team is well-versed in all aspects of production, providing the support and resources needed for a successful outcome.

Elevating Video Content – The Shoot In China Way

As pioneers in content production in China, we are committed to elevating your video content to new heights. Our vast equipment rental options, including ARRI cameras, top-tier lighting equipment, and more, ensure that your visual storytelling is second to none.

Experience the Shoot In China Difference

Join forces with Shoot In China and experience a collaborative, innovative, and professional approach to video production. Our dedication to quality, passion for storytelling, and full coverage in major Chinese cities make us the ideal partner for your next project.

Unveil Captivating Narratives Today

Unlock the potential of Chinese video content research with Shoot In China. Let our bilingual team guide you in crafting stories that resonate with global audiences. Contact us today and embark on a journey of storytelling excellence!